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French Virtual Working Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Virtual Work Partner?
  2. Who needs a VWP?
  3. Are all telecommuters, Virtual Assistants and  VWPs?
  4. How much does a VWP cost?
  5. Can't I hire an employee for less?
  6. How can I benefit

What is a Virtual Work Partner?

Virtual Work Partners (sometimes Virtual Assistants) are entrepreneurs, highly skilled SMEs (subject matter experts)  in their professions, providing solid benefits to the bottom lines of those they assist.   We possess the solid core competencies necessary to provide our clients with the supportive insights and techniques needed by entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profit organizations to improve their processes, accelerate their development and succeed in our ever changing world. 

Work assignments are communicated through e-mail,  phone, fax, mail, usb key and Internet Web based collaborative technology (Intranets and windows messenger live). 

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Who needs a VWP ?

Busy executives and entrepreneurs working in a foreign country, can enjoy access to all of the support benefits of a VWP. New business startups, small companies with more limited resources, large companies with  periodic projects and sales people desiring the personal touch are all examples of potential clients of a Virtual Work Partner.

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Are all telecommuters Virtual Assistants and VWPs?

No.  Just like all administrative assistants are not executive assistants.  Virtual Work Partners are leading edge professionals in the VA industry.  They are creative and innovative lifelong learners with outstanding core competencies in:

  • Technology Management and how it can be used to erase geographical boundaries while improving your work processes
  • Problem Solving for your unique administrative challenges
  • Strategic Thinking that will provide you with keys to success, for growth of your business

VWPs are influencers, negotiators and managers who play key roles as you identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats surrounding your company

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How much does a VWP cost?

The cost varies from $30 -100 an hour and up, depending on the projects or partnering agreements and the credentials of your VWP.  Since VWPs are subject matter experts in their areas of expertise, training and ramp up time is virtually eliminated.  You only pay for the actual time that you utilize the services of your VWP, in a minimum of fifteen minute increments.

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Can't I hire an employee for less?

When you work with a Virtual Work Partner, you can expect:

  • No office equipment to purchase.
  • No training or supervision necessary.
  • Social Security and payroll taxes are eliminated. 
  • You will only pay for the time that you use.

Salary and benefits for full time staff are eliminated.  

The total cost for an employee is normally higher than the cost for a VWP

Estimated costs VWP Permanent Employee
  $60 USD / hour $20 USD / hour
  80 hrs/month  40 hrs/wk x 52 wks 
Base salary  $57,600.00 $50,000 .00
Bonuses  -0-  $1,017.76
Social security  -0-  $3,903.37
401k / 403b  -0-  $1,846.60
Disability  -0-  $1,244.45
Health care  -0-  $6,363.94
Pension  -0-  $1,652.97
Time off  -0-  $5,572.87
Office equipment  -0-  $3,542.08
Total (annually) $57,600.00 $75,144

The total cost for an employee normally is about 2 1/2 times the cost of a VA

Estimated costs Virtual Assistant Permanent Employee
  $40 USD / hour $20 USD / hour
  80 hrs/month  40 hrs/wk x 52 wks 
Base salary  $38,400 $42,348
Bonuses  -0-  $     862 
Social security  -0-  $  3,306 
401k / 403b  -0-  $  1,564 
Disability  -0-  $  1,054 
Health care  -0-  $  5,390 
Pension  -0-  $  1,400 
Time off  -0-  $  4,720 
Office equipment  -0-  $  3,000 
Total (annually) $38,400 $63,644


Check the salary wizard to find the average salary for an employee in your area.   That won't include employer taxes and benefits, equipment, overhead and so forth.  Most VAs will fall into the category of "Office Manager" because of their level of expertise. 

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How can I benefit?
When you choose to work with Solex, you will discover that your choice has led you to professionals who understand your needs.
You will not need to buy or rent additional office space, office equipment or software

You will not need to advertise positions vacant, interview and hire new staff, nor will you need to train and develop staff

You will have access to a highly skilled and efficient executive assistant and project manager

You will pay only for "time on task" on a "per project" basis

You will be able to meet deadlines and relieve unnecessary stress

You will become more productive and more successful

You will learn new ways to improve your business processes

You will be able to relax in the knowledge that your virtual associate is dedicated to help your business grow, because your VA's success depends on yours!

Your expectations will be met, your needs anticipated, your requests attended to promptly and courteously

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